The Pilates in Motion Studio Experience-

Indulge in a healthy choice:

Escape the cold impersonal gym and make your Pilates time an oasis in your busy day. The Pilates in Motion Studio offers a serene and peaceful environment where you aren’t distracted by outside interruptions.

Make gentle and positive changes:

Anna’s instruction helps you encourage your body to achieve increased strength, flexibility, control and flow of movement. As an experienced instructor, Anna can personalize your experience just for you! She tailors the mat exercises and/or the equipment set-up to help you gradually improve your strength, balance and endurance.

Relax in a spa-like environment:

The setting is in a tranquil location, slightly out of town but worth the short drive to indulge in body improvement in a positive non-intimidating environment. It’s like a mini-vacation for mind and body.

Pilates is a complete Body & Mind Fitness Method:

Some forms of exercise over-develop some parts of the body and neglect other parts, Pilates does not do that. Pilates focuses on core strength, the body is trained as an intrinsic whole and it encourages muscle development, strength, balance and flexibility. With a strong core posture improves and back and joint pain improves dramatically.

Pilates exercises are done on various types of Pilates equipment and on a mat. Exercises are done lying down, sitting, and sometimes kneeling. These positions work for people of all sizes and shapes and can be adjusted to accommodate.